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Stunning designs start with a simple idea, a pen and paper. Next, there’s Bloomcool, a no-nonsense online design studio specialized in Web Design and Graphic Design and dedicated to your goals and vision. Through our wide range of services, we’ll make sure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. From the initial design concept to the final outcome, Bloomcool works hard towards effectively bringing its clients’ vision to life.


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Whether you’re starting a new enterprise and need to develop a complete brand language, or you’re interested in a web site (or makeover), Bloomcool has got the most robust tools to help you achieve your goals and is known for its out of the box thinking and original creations that help businesses succeed.


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A web site designed by Bloomcool ▾​

  • Informs, convinces and sells

  • User-friendly (Usability) 

  • Always custom-made, no use of existing templates (unique structure and ambiance)

  • High ranking in search engines like Google (SEO)

  • Responsive, so suitable for mobile and tablet

  MOBILE TRENDS IN web design  

MObile First 

Mobile versus desktop 

Browsing on the smartphone has largely caught up with browsing on the computer. A good desktop website is nice, but it's more important how this is translated to the mobile version. Design for mobile has caught up - you have no more excuses for not having a slick mobile website.



We probably all use our phones in the same way: in one hand with the thumb as a navigator. How is it possible that many mobile websites don’t work very intuitively for this setting? We have to go all the way to the top of the screen with our thumb to use the menu. That’s not logical. This is why in 2019 the trend is 'thumb-friendly navigation'. Many mobile apps, such as Spotify and this website, have already responded to this, where the menu can be found below.


Thumb-friendly Navigation 

A distinctive, clear and functional website that scores highly in the search engines?


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Are you looking to reshape your company’s brand? Perhaps you’re just looking for some stunning and unique graphics for your website? 

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Take a look in Bloomcool's Design Lab! We  create Posters, Flyers, Banners and complete Social Media Kits to promote your activities.

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   WHAT people say    

'Bloomcool has realized various websites and web applications for many of my clients. In addition to a creative spirit, craftsmanship and modernity are some of their core values.'

'Thanks for your amazing job on our website. We are really impressed with your taste!'

'Nadiya of Bloomcool has proved to be a very valuable supplier! I hope to be able to set up many more projects with this multi-talent.'

'Provider of beautiful and professional websites. A true artist in the virtual world!'



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